FlexNet Manager Alternative
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FlexNet Manager Alternative

OpenLM is the only real alternative to Flexera’s “FlexNet Manager for engineering Applications” (FNMEA) for monitoring and controlling FlexLM licenses, which is both highly robust AND extremely cost-effective.


Can OpenLM provide all the required data without access to the FLEXlm report logs? Yes, we can!


Below is a comparison between the key capabilities offered by both systems for engineering software license management:

Features FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications The OpenLM
Real-time Reporting and Management

Flexnet doesn’t report in real time. It relies solely on periodic production of Report Logs on the license server side, and their propagation to the Flexnet Manager. OpenLM combines multiple sources of information to provide real-time or near real-time license reporting and management.
Central interface for license management throughout the organization

Supported license manager (LM) types

FLEXlm, IBM LUM, Reprise RLM, Sentinel (RMS), DSLS

Over 35 supported LM types

OpenLM supports an overwhelming list of LM types, including all those supported by FLEXlm
License usage analysis and reporting

Ensure compliance

Usage optimization

Configuration process

Installing and configuring a full system of OpenLM is extremely quick and easy.
Real-time productivity features

• OpenLM monitors and acts on idle licenses
• OpenLM informs users of license availability
• OpenLM enables end users to be proactive with the licenses they need
Transparency and clarity for both administrators and users

OpenLM was designed with the concept of clarity in mind;Not only administrators, but all users in the organization benefit by having licensing information clearly available to them
Monitoring applications on end user workstations

OpenLM can track application usage even when license managers are inaccessible or non existent
Automatic maintenance of FlexLM Options files

OpenLM will automatically manage and maintain FLEXlm Options files, keeping them in sync with organizational unit structure and membership.
Reporting  FlexNet  OpenLM  
Raw data access

This is the “License Activity” report. OpenLM has several advantages here:

1. Reporting according to multiple selection of Features, Products, Users, Groups, Projects and Workstations

2. Pivot – summary (“group by”) according to various categories.

Comprehensive built-in reporting

Custom Reporting and business inteligence (BI)

Powered only by Cognos

OpenLM maintains a reporting database which customers can query using any reporting or BI Software, holding raw and aggregated usage.
APIs for creation of custom reports

OpenLM exposes a comprehensive SOAP API, which allows for integrating OpenLM reports in any IT system.
Usage over time reports

Heatmap reports depicting usage patterns of selected period.
Peak usage reports and high water mark reports

License utilization report

Objectively identify the number of required licenses in the organization.
Denial reporting

“True Denials” reporting

The “True Denials” mechanism is applicable to any license manager monitored by OpenLM.
Actual usage compared to license consumption time

OpenLM provides the percentage of activity per session.
Inactive features and packages reporting

OpenLM aggregates features and packages which are not being used.
Active users reporting.

OpenLM lists users which have used monitored applicaitons.
Activatable and Detachable (“Borrowed”) Licenses support

Real-time license availability monitoring

Presentation  FlexNet  OpenLM  
User friendly web-based interface

At-a-glance summary view

Dashboard • License Server Status
• License Feature Usage
• License Feature Denials
• Excess License Usage by User
• License Server Status
• Top 10 denied Features
• Top 10 denied users
• Top 10 used Features
• Top 10 users of most features
• Top 10 current idle sessions
• Top 10 current longest sessions
Data of highest priority is easily accessible, and can be act upon by license administrators
Aggregate data to meet reporting needs

Report in different time frames, User-entities, Features, Vensors, Servers may be aggregated to present single or multiple charts
Report scheduler

Schedule pre-filtered  reports to automatically be sent via email.
Share any report with users through URL

Stored and automatic filters

Report filters can automatically be activated on startup, or selected from a ‘stored filters’ list.
Organizational groups and projects  FlexNet  OpenLM  
Import LDAP organizational structure

OpenLM imports users from selected nodes of the active directory and groups them according to criteria the administrator defines.
Organization structure management

Group users manually, using options files or by using a file-based organizational structure.
Monitoring of license usage per Project

 Watch video

Both facilitate tracking of license usage according to projects.Flexnet publisher only supports license attribution according to the LM_PROJECT environment variable.OpenLM interactively and dynamically switches between active projects:Users will be promted to attribute their usage time to specific projects they’re working on.
Intervention  FlexNet  OpenLM  
Proactive notifications

Configure multiple conditions for dispatching specific notifications to groups and users, or for automatically running a command on the license manager.
Real-time license availability notifications

OpenLM notifies end-users when a license they requested becomes available.
Remote license retrival.

Administration can remove a license or remotely shut down an application on a remote desktop while saving user information
Idle license harvesting

OpenLM provides 3 methods for harvesting idle licenses manually or automatically:• Suspending idle processes• Saving and shutting down idle applications• Custom scripting
Automatic session prevention

Using the OpenLM App Manager, administration can prevent users from checking out certain licenses according to criteria they define, such as time zone, group, user, application version etc.
License quantity limitation

OpenLM App Manager can deny licenses from being checked out if the license quantity has been reached. This helps to avoid extra costs in  certain licensing models.
Custom scripting

OpenLM can facilitate custom scripts activation on the end-user workstation when defined criteria are met.
Managebility  FlexNet  OpenLM  
Managing access roles and permissions

OpenLM employs resource-based roles and permissions to conrol access to every aspect of the system
Database support

OpenLM requires only one database, and supports SQL Server (all versions), MySQL and an embedded FireBird database.

Flexera requires 2 databases, and supports only Oracle, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012

Cross-platform support

Supported web browsers

OpenLM supports Chrome, Firefox ,IE 11 and Edge.

Flexnet supports only Firefox, IE 7 and IE8.

License files  FlexNet  OpenLM  
License file editor

License file editing is coming to OpenLM soon
FLEXlm Options file management

OpenLM will automatically manage and maintain FLEXlm Options files, keeping them in sync with organizational unit structure and membership.
Remote access to license server files

OpenLM Interface provides remote access to all license servers files (license file, logs, Options files)
License Management  FlexNet OpenLM  
Control license server remotely

FlexNet manager is only able to Stop/Start/Reread FlexLM license managers.OpenLM is able to access and manage a much wider variety of LM types.Moreover – the OpenLM Broker provides a flexible platform for running all sorts of commands and scripts on target license servers
Upload license files remotely

Administration can remotely upload new license files to the license server.
Monitor custom-made license managers

OpenLM allows for monitoring of custom-made license managers using the “OpenLM Generic” output syntax.
Control users/groups access to any license server

The OpenLM Router provides additional, standardized license access control for ALL license manager types
Apply license restriction according to time of day (“follow the sun”)

Provided by the OpenLM Router
Enforce license compliance according to geolocation

Provided by the OpenLM Router
Workstation license server configuration managed centrally

The OpenLM Router facilitates the configuration of the licensing environment, and serves as a hub for all active workstations
Simple server redundancy configuration for any LM server type

The OpenLM Router facilitates the deployment of instant multi-server redundancy constellations, for any LM type, and without a 3rd Server overkill – as implemented by the FlexLM Triad constellation


Bibliography note: Most of the data about Flexera’s FlexNet Manager for engineering applications is based on official Flexera documents (Link 1 and 2). This information is correct to the best of our knowledge, please let us know if otherwise.

Download and explore the full unlimited version of OpenLM for 30 days. During this time you will enjoy full support with no strings attached.